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Digitise your legal practice and service delivery with no-code drag and drop automation

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Drag and drop app development for law firms

Use the Checkbox platform to quickly and easily automate forms, advice, workflows, document generation and more.

Example Use Cases

Use Checkbox to create a wide range of self-service and automation tools for your clients. Common use-cases include:


Unfair Dismissal Claims


Litigation & Dispute Resolution


Wills Generator


Digitised Insurance Assessments


COVID-19 Relief


Digitised Compliance Assessments

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Win and Retain Clients

Differentiate in the market through value-adding solutions that enable you to build deeper relationships with your clients.


New Revenue Streams

Re-design low margin or fixed fee work into digital products that enable more scalable methods of generating fees.


Enable Agile Innovation

Build a tangible culture of innovation that brings junior and senior lawyers, support staff, and clients all along on the journey.

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Checkbox is trusted by the best

"I am in love with the simplicity of Checkbox.
Checkbox is helping us streamline and
standardise work processes, allowing the
practice to better manage remote working
whilst producing consistent quality for clients."

- Lim Seng Siew (OTP Law Corporation)



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Implement successfully with Verlata, a Platinum Checkbox Partner providing delivery and
training services to law firms
in Singapore.

Eligibility: Legal practices which have 5 lawyers or
less, and are registered in and operate in Singapore.
Offer available until 30 June 2021.